About Us

The stunning and beautiful Kent countryside supplies an inspirational backdrop where artists can come and realise their creative visions and potential. Doz Recording Studios has been around for 25 years in various forms and has constantly been adapted to fit the needs of the ever changing world of music. However after falling into disuse, it is now reopened and revamped with a new building, new image and new manager; but continues to keep all the musical heritage and passion.

Doz Studios is family run, where musicians can make themselves feel at home. In our spacious 60m² live room dubbed the 'Band Room', musicians have the space to kick back and record in comfort as well as relax and be inspired. With bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities and ample off street parking, you can move in, relax and make music against the stunning views.

We are constantly building up the studios, our gear and our services. Please get in contact for bookings, rates and equipment lists as well as the opportunity to arrange for a preliminary tour. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with current events, opportunities and promotions.


  • Recording

    The 60 square metre ‘Band Room’ provides a comfortable environment and ample space for any recording needs. It is light and airy with high sloping ceilings providing excellent acoustics. With a large selection of microphones going through the Allen and Heath analogue console we can accomodate for orchestras and bands of all types to provide top quality recordings. We also offer voice-over sessions or any corporate needs.

  • The Steinway

    La pièce de résistance! Take pride of place in Doz Studios is the magnificent 1931 classical Steinway Model B Grand Piano. The beautiful sound of this 7' piano is wonderfully balanced and versatile, perfect to lift any classical or jazz recording.

  • Rehearsal

    Featured within the band room is a large carpeted stage with our in-house PA and monitoring system. This gives bands plenty of space and freedom to practice and rehearse for concerts and for studio recordings; for the making of a quality recorded song comes not from the editing but from the playing! And the set up is also equipped for live recordings sessions. Rehearsal rates start at £45 for a 4 hour session.

  • Mixing

    The seemingly never-ending feud in recording - analogue vs. digital. We ask is it too much to ask for both? Featured in our control room is our Allen and Heath GS3000 in-line recording and mixing console and a growing collection of out outboard gear as well as an extensive library of plug ins. This allows for comprehensive in-the-box processing combined with quality outboard and analogue summing and mix down.

    Please check out our project portfolio below for example of our work.

  • Mastering and Remastering

    The icing on the cake to turn any mix into a CD ready song. Our treated control room and top mastering plug ins allow for high quality in-the-box mastering as well as professional, burned CD masters.

    We also provide a re-mastering service to rekindle old recordings and bring them into the 21st century. We accept most formats including MP3s, CDs and even DAT tapes.




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